"Surrender is Beautiful."

These are my first words upon my rebirth on 5-MeO-DMT. 

"Breath is precious." 

Tears running down my cheeks. Can everything change in a moment? 

A whole decade of university. Two decades in medicine. No one ever mentioned this. 

"THIS IS IT!" I thought to myself. This is medicine I can believe in! This is medicine that works. Because of that day, I am forever in service to this miracle molecule. 

As JC said,

 "Follow your bliss."  

This is my bliss. 


The journey changed my life - I've significantly cut back on meat consumption and alcohol. I've also stopped using caffeine as much. Meditation and yoga have been a daily routine without much effort. I've lost 25 pounds since the session with very little effort due to the lifestyle change and have never felt happier or healthier. I can't think of a single drawback in this. We'll see where this goes, but it would be very hard to imagine returning to my old lifestyle.       

Confidential Respondent


"Come with empty pockets, and I will love you the same, so long as you come with an open heart."  ~ Dr. Trina


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