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have you met the goddess molecule?
would you like to share her blessings?

Bufo or 5-MeO-DMT is like no other molecule, many have dubbed it the God/dess molecule - and for good reason. The experience in that single breath will take you to infinity, and safely back, with the eternal light of gnosis, as the parting gift.


meet trina
The Dharmacist

“I believe in effective medicine. That’s why I’m using two decades of formal pharmacy education and experience to facilitate new therapies that work.


After bearing witness to countless loved ones transform, my life has taken on a different path. I know now there’s a more fulfilling, connected way to live. 

I’d like to show the world what can be done in a lifetime. We are here because of the seven generations before us, and we must act in consideration of the seven generations to come.

Always remember, you are the medicine.”

​Dr. Trina Nguyen | BSc Pharmacy, PharmD

upcoming events

  • Toad School Denver
    Wed, Jun 14
    Jun 14, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM MDT
    Denver, Denver, CO, USA
    Share the blessings of toad’s powerful medicine <3
  • Toad School Temple
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Jul 05
    Online Gathering
    Jul 05, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM PDT
    Online Gathering
    Connection is Community! Toad School family gathering where we share wisdom from our service. Open to all curious souls <3
  • Toad School Vancouver Island
    Late Summer or Early Fall
    Victoria, BC
    Late Summer or Early Fall
    Victoria, BC
    Have you met the Goddess molecule?
  • Toad School Alberta!
    Late Summer 2023
    Edmonton and/or Calgary
    Late Summer 2023
    Edmonton and/or Calgary, Alberta
    Let’s spread the magic to the prairies!
  • Toad School Vancouver 7.0
    Late Summer 2023
    Late Summer 2023
    Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Trina and Lucy are honoured to host a workshop where we can learn how to serve the 5 in a container of reverence, safety and consent.

Please join us and feel free to invite a soul you believe will be a good fit.

Host a Toad School in your own city!

Toad School in a BOX! (beta testing)

What we will cover:
Why the 5?
History and lineage

All about the 5: learn about salts, intake methods, synthetic vs bufo

The science behind the magic

Safety: medical, pharmaceutical and supplement contraindications

How: the 3-step approach, dose, and what to expect

Ceremony role-play

Practice: working with scales and bubblers
Videos of actual ceremonies
Integration and Ethics

What next? (Presentation)
(delicious food and refreshments served)

Energy exchange: we believe in the dana model which is by donation. We are honoured that you would spend the time with us to learn together.

Metta to you all and look forward to exploring and learning together!

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